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SOUNDS FOR WELL-BEING - The 'therapeutic' technique I use to help you reconnect is based on 30 years of practising Kriya-yoga, a specific type of yoga where you learn to clean your chakra’s  (or more simply put: points of energy) and to let go of obsolete emotions. As a result of this practice I’ve discovered that I can help people deal with emotional problems through using my own voice as a therapeutic tool. I use my voice as a kind of sounding board. Pitch, volume, quality of the sound arise spontaneously and the person to whom I ‘direct sound’ starts to relax. People may experience that the sound becomes focused in a certain area of their body where tension is present and as a result this area becomes more relaxed. Other people suddenly get more of an idea as to why that particular spot is ‘asking’ for attention. Finally I can help people to ‘direct sound’ with their own voice so that it becomes a kind of self help. I also use it sometimes when a person is so nervous that their voice becomes totally blocked. SOUNDS FOR WELL BEING helps them relax and be able to use their voice again. 

REMEDIAL TRAINING - You can also come to me with very specific technical problems, such as hoarseness or downright pain during and after singing or speaking, or if find yourself running out of breath way too quickly, or you suddenly can't reach a certain note anymore. Thanks to everything I’ve learned and experienced over the years I will be more than able to help you out. 

SPEECH TRAINING - ELOCUTION -  About ten years ago I myself experienced some vocal problems. I solved these quite quickly with the help of an excellent speech therapist. In fact I learned so much from those sessions that I’ve since been helping people with (minor) speech impediments. Here too I first listen to the ‘voice’ behind the sound instead of working by the book straight away.

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't being said.  

Marnixstraat 319 III, 1016 TB Amsterdam